From My Archive: Posh & Privileged Pricks

As someone born into a fairly middle class family, I’m not particularly affected by the cuts on welfare. I’ve been lucky to have two perfectly able parents, one of them having a good income thanks to how hard he has worked throughout his life. That being said, I can still see the detrimental effects of the Conservative government’s decisions. Unfortunately, most people who are unaffected by the current government’s disgusting behavior seem to be almost oblivious or just plain ignorant.

So here is a little something for those of you who have never taken an interest in politics. I hope to change your mind and hold your interest for long enough to make a slight impact.

To understand the currently political climate, you’ll need to know the low down on three irritatingly posh, privileged pricks who are causing the country to plummet into further financial difficulty.

1) Iain Duncan – Welfare Minister
Recently, the “coalition” government consisting of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who got completely arse raped by their little coalition buddies (think back to the Student Fees and cuts), have decided to fix the economic crisis by cutting back on welfare costs. This means reducing the amount of benefits received by those who need it most such as people who are unable to work due to disability or sickness. Unfortunately, there are people who abuse this system by claiming benefits once recovered or when they are able to work, but the majority of people claiming a state welfare allowance rely on this money to heat their home and feed themselves. They are now allowed as little at £53 per week which Welfare Minister Iain Duncan (who earns £82,000pa after tax & has his home paid for by our taxes) claimed he could “get by on“. This caused outrage from the public and people petitioned to get Duncan to stick to the Conservatives slogan “We’re all in this together” by living off £53 a week for a year. After over a third of a million signatures, he dismissed the petition.

2) George Osbourne- The Chancellor of the Exchequer
The welfare cuts are fully supported by one of Britain’s most hated men; George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is responsible for a lot of the nation’s financial matters. A man who managed to get the taxpayer to fork out for the re-mortgage payments on his second home. Just watch this minute long clip from The Revolution Will Be Televised and you’ll begin to hate him as much as the rest of us. Keep an eye out in the news for that snooty little face (the featured image on this post), you’ll be shocked at some of the things he says.

3) (You guessed it) David Cameron – Prime Minister
Little really needs to be said here, if you’re unaware of how much of a snobby twat he is then you’ve probably been living under a rock. But as a brief reminder, compare this poster to the article linked below.


The pre-elected promise is pictured above and the current situation is reported here

Don’t be fooled, these three men are not the only evil creatures strolling around controlling your money while spending it themselves, government is full of pricks- collectively, the correct term is: Conservatives.

But as well as having control over your money and many other aspects of your daily life, government also hold control over what you see in the news. Have you noticed the amount of articles in The Sun or The Daily Mail condemning the entire working class because a few people have managed to “benefit scrounge”? Just look at today’s Daily Mail (or their website) which boasts the headline “Vile Product of Welfare UK”. If you’re going to look at the news at all, ensure you absorb things from every paper, especially the Independent (here’s their response to the mail) who are, as suggested, Independent of political parties.

What makes matters more frustrating for this country is that the deficit and economic crisis we are currently suffering could be fixed by tax evaders such as Vodafone, Starbucks, Topshop and many other household names PAYING UP. That’s right, these huge companies who make billions every year set up small offices in countries with smaller tax brackets meaning they avoid millions in taxes every year. If this were made illegal, we’d be able to solve these financial issues without cutting the NHS or welfare. But the government appear to be on their side, since their official phone network provider is, you guessed it; Vodaphone, the cretins.

In conclusion, if you’re a normal human being, you should hate the Conservatives. They do not have your best interests at heart and manipulate the newspapers to make you think otherwise.

Keep informed. This country is run by men who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, given a private education and who genuinely believe that the rich should stay rich and the poor should stay poor. They believe that people are working class by choice, that the average joe is a benefit scrounger and that they deserve their huge 6 figure salaries while treating the rest of us like doormats.

For a satirical, funny and interesting look at my aforementioned points, check out this interesting article on The Independent.

To keep informed and in your right mind, find out about the Coalition of Resistance here.

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