Jamie’s Italian | St Albans


Jamie’s Italian St Albans opened in February 2012ย and has been a big hit in the city since. Serving a selection of italian style food, Jamie’s recipes twist tradition just enough to give an individual feel to classic dishes.

The bar and deli provide a nice area to sit while waiting for a table and a simple selection of drinks to choose from. Moving on to the seating area, Jamie’s Italian is filled with the aromatic scent of garlic and rosemary. The atmosphere, although classy and formal is warm and welcoming and I did not feel out of place in my ripped jeans and distressed tee. To start we ordered a meat platter, consisting of olives, chillies, cured meats and mozerella, as well as a portion of freshly made pork scratchings. The flavours on the meat board complimented each other perfectly and were a fantastic taster for the food ahead. As a main, I ordered the burger and polenta chips. The beef steak burger came in a lovely seeded bun (pictured below) complete with; bacon, mozzarella, sweet green chillies and relish. I removed the gherkins, tomatoes and lettuce because I’m not a fan of salad. The polenta chips were beautiful and far more flavoursome and delicious than ones I’d previously tried from Pizza Express.

Photo 19-09-2014 21 52 28

Despite being utterly stuffed from our mains, we ordered a dessert to share. The lemon meringue cheesecake was gorgeous, although a little cakey, it was light and complimented by a serving of sharp blueberry compote and a slice of dried lemon.

Photo 19-09-2014 22 27 32

It certainly was finer dining than I’m used to, but surprisingly well priced and a lovely evening out. Thanks to Ben for taking me as a birthday treat.

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