Franco Manca | Tottenham Court Road

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Franco Manca achieve a perfect dining experience through the suave simplicity of both their recipes and menu. Serving a range of organic wines, soft drinks and pizza, the central London Italian diner is impressively both classic and metro.

With just six pizzas to choose from we lost the modern day dilemma of having too much choice and selected our clear favourites from the menu- chorizo and chillies winning for both myself and my other half. As well as the obvious factor of a pizza for under ยฃ8 in Central London, Franco Manca wins us over with the best pizza base I’ve ever tasted. Sporting a very home made taste, the slow-rise sour dough crust is baked in a tuff brick oven at 500 degrees Celsius. This method of baking causes the soft, doughy crustย with the char-grilled edges that’s an absolute dream for pizza lovers.

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