The Curious Incident | The Gielgud Theatre


On Saturday 20th September, accompanied by my mum, dad, auntie and other half, I headed to The Gielgud Theatre in London’s West End to see the stage production of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. The bestselling novel has been a favourite of mine for years, being one of the few books that I’ve read over and over as well as one of the few books that Ben has read cover to cover. I have thought many a time how much I’d love to see a production of the book although having never been a fan of plays I always imagined a screen-play would be the first. Still, when my dad suggested we get tickets for my birthday weekend I jumped at the chance.

Seated in the Grand Circle, we had a decent overview of the cube shaped stage which is lit wall to wall by multi-functional screens. From the beginning, the stage seems simple, telling the story in a way which reminded me of the basic backdrops of GCSE drama. But soon it became apparent that the walls moved, there were hidden doors and that the set was far more exciting than initially thought.

With an array of actors I recognised from TV including Jay’s mum from Inbetweeners and Emily Joyce from My Hero; the characters were played brilliantly. With an extremely limited knowledge of the theatre, I feel like I have little contribute in regards to comments on the acting, but it sufficed for my enjoyment.

With tickets from as little as ยฃ15 I highly recommend seeing this play, even more so if you enjoyed the book. The Curious Incident is a highly engaging and thrilling play and by far the best stage production I’ve ever seen.

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