Dragons Egg | Lush

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I’m a big fan of Lush cosmetics but I never manage to treat myself to any of their bath products lately. Luckily my younger brother treated me to a couple of bath bombs for my birthday including Dragons Egg, a citrus bomb with a surprise centre.

The uplifting scent of lemons wakes your skin up leaving you feeling soft and invigorated, while the confetti blasts out from the bomb leaving the water foamy and colourful. There’s even a bit of popping candy in this one! When the white outer casing has disintegrated, the gold block in the middle melts into the water leaving your bath glittery and gold.

Although I’m not a huge fan of bombs with bits in, the confetti in Dragons Egg melts away into the water and leaves your bath looking and smelling beautiful. This is definitely one of the best Lush bombs I’ve tried, which are you favourites?

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