Tips on Sleeping Better


Sloth; Tips on Sleeping Better

1. Associate your bed with nothing but sleep. Sitting in bed to do other things like watching tv, reading or using your laptop or ipad can cause you to disassociate your bed from sleep, therefore when it’s time to sleep your brain just won’t shut off.

2. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. It’s hard for people working on shifts/rotas but going to sleep at around the same time each night will ensure your body knows it’s bed time. I try to hit the hay at midnight and rise at 8.

3. Don’t drink anything but water, eat or smoke for at least an hour before bed. Keeping your organs active will keep you awake whether it is due to the caffiene, nicotine or just the act of moving and digesting; activities will keep you up.

4. Make sure the room is dark. Pure darkness throughout the night promotes a smooth nights rest.

5. If you’re sturggling to fall asleep… relax (yes I know, well duh) but make your top priority to relax rather than to sleep. Setting relaxation as the task at hand makes sleep come naturally and more enjoyably.

6. Sleep for the right length of time. Oversleeping can cause problems sleeping the next night. Try not to overcompensate for lost sleep but to try to get a full nights rest after a night of tossing and turning.

7. Try regulating your sleep using a sleep app like Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle is an alarm system that wakes you during the lighter parts of sleep aiming to achieve your happiness in the early hours of the day.

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