Delecta-Belles | Benefit

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Delecta-Belles (£29.50) is a selection of four miniatures from Benefit’s fragrance collection. I love visiting the Benefit counter at Debenhams and John Lewis because the packaging is all so beautiful. I also hate it because I find it so difficult to pick from such an amazing selection of products.


I’ve noticed Benefit’s fragrances a fair few times but not really given them a sniff, so last week while tottering about John Lewis I decided to have a go. They all smelt gorgeous and came in such nice packaging that I really couldn’t decide because I just wanted them all. After picking up two I noticed this box of all four in miniature sizes for the price of one full size bottle and I couldn’t resist. I adore mini versions of things and it meant not having to decide on a single scent. The set includes; Ring My Bella,  My Place or Yours Gina, Laugh With Me Lee Lee and Under My Spell Noelle. Since owning them for a while I’ve finally come out with a clear favourite- Laugh With Me Lee Lee. The scent is both strong and sophisticated with a woody yet floral scent. Hints of black violet combined with softer scents like citrus and jasmine make this a real stand out fragrance.

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