10 Things That Make You Feel Old in Your 20s

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  1. Buying a new clothes airer and feeling all excited like you’ve treated yourself to a new pair of shoes
  2. Buying loads of moderately expensive scented candles to burn because it “saves energy” and apparently money despite the value of scented candles equating to more than your leccy bill.
  3. Constantly tutting at people onย social networking sites for posting pictures of their 2 daughters, their semi-detached house, saloon car and their new puppy
  4. Talking about teenagers and saying “back when I was their age” and genuinely no longer understanding teenagers
  5. Getting home on a Friday night all excited for a romantic night with your duvet
  6. When your parents ask for your advice on their bills
  7. Wine O’Clock
  8. Getting asked for ID, sighing, tutting and stating your age
  9. Reminiscing on things that people you work with are either to young or too old to relate to
  10. ย Having money in the bank and needing it for bills and council tax therefore not being able to spend it

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