Favourite Autumn Skin Products

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My skin starts to break out when the weather changes this fast and I tend to go for heavier make up because it covers said break out and doesn’t melt off like it would in the Summer months. So here are a fair few products that have been fixing up my skin recently and providing me with a healthy and natural look this Autumn.

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The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (£10 / Free)

I got this free when making a purchase with my Love Your Body card last week. The formula instantly warms when rubbed into your skin, giving a really great deep clean. It’s the perfect treat for those cold Autumn evenings and is one of the tidiest face masks I’ve ever used. I love Lush’s face masks but I hate putting something so cold on my skin in the colder months (they need to be stored in the fridge) so this is exactly what I need to keep my skin in check this Autumn/Winter.

Garnier Micellar Water  (3.99)

I bought this for £2.66 on a 1/3 deal in Tesco which has ended now but Boots are doing it on a similar offer now. After seeing a brief mention on Youtube I decided to pick it up. I’ve been guilty of using cheap makeup and baby wipes to remove my makeup so I figured it time I use something that would take my make up off gently. It doesn’t get much more gently than this. Micellar water is the latest fad to hit the high street beauty brands and claims to contain ‘micelles’ which act like magnets and lift your make up off. To be fair, it’s a great and effortless makeup remover and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

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Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm (£23)

After trying countless primers I finally consulted the Urban Decay beauty counter. I was recommended this by the lovely lady who worked there once she determined my skin type and what I wanted from my primer. I have used this every day since (sorry Baby Skin!) It doesn’t look at all good on my bare skin as a BB cream but it works brilliantly as a primer. It gives your skin a really blurred/soft/hd look. It makes your powders blend better on top of your foundaton so when you apply blush with contouring powders it looks perfectly buffed out. 100% the best primer I’ve ever owned.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (£16)

I’ve been religious to this for a while now, I love using it in the shower and it always makes me skin feel super super  soft. This product definitely has a great reputation for a reason and is by far my favourite Clinique product alongside their Superbalanced Makeup.

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Witch Blemish Stick (£2.50)

I had an awful break out the other week right round my chin (yum) and this stick was an absolute life saver! It soothes spots and reduces redness while actively getting rid of those nasty white heads. It was also the cheapest spot treatment on the shelf which made me reluctant but Ben pointed it out as something his mum swears by so I’m glad I trusted her judgement.

Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (£23.50)

I’ve found I’m not really using the face wash and scrub but I really like the toning lotion and eye cream so I’m sure I’ll be purchasing the full size products. The toning lotion is slightly thicker than most toning lotions meaning you can pour it onto your fingers, massage all over your face and wipe of with a cotton pad. This method avoids using more than necessary as well as ensuring your skin is sqeaky clean.

Benefit Potent Eye Cream (£23.50)

Like Clinique’s 3 step, the Benefit Bright Radient Skin Range is available in a trial pack. These trial size products are perfect for testing a product while still getting great value for money. With this particular range you can figure which of these products work best for you before investing in the entire range. So that’s where I got both the Prep Toning Lotion and this Eye Cream. I suffer from dark circles and after a week of using this I’m starting to notice a big difference in the dark circles. (Ps. I got a second trial size one of these from my October BirchBox too, winning.)

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