Birchbox #1 | November 2014

Photo 12-11-2014 20 04 37

My second ever Birchbox arrived! The first one contained a couple of products I really got along with such as the Pixi shea lip balm which has been on my on my desk at work since receiving it. It did contain a couple of products which I really didn’t get along with as well so I was really excited with this months Birchbox as the products seem a lot more up my street.

Dr Jart+ Cleansing Foam

A full size bottle of face wash worth around ยฃ15 already makes this months Birchbox worthwhile. Dr Jart+ products aren’t currently available in the UK but I’m guessing will be hitting the shelves soon. Korean dermatologist Dr Jart’s formula is great for picking up tired skin.

OPI Coca Cola Nail Polish in A Grape Affair

Time to admit- I have never ever owned an OPI nailed polish. I am a huge fan of my high end skin and makeup products but when it comes to polish, I’m drug store all the way. Almost all of my nail polishes are Barry M bar the odd Topshop shade, so I’m excited to give this (again full size) polish a go!

Lord and Berry Bronzer in Sienna

I struggle to find bronzers that don’t look to muddy. This one is light and matte and blend-able, give it some time and it could become a favourite. I’ve also heard great things in the blogging community about Lord and Berry.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

I’ve only given this a quick spritz on my hair so far but this product did smell gorgeous and leave my hair feeling extremely soft. I adore the packaging, it was the first item that caught my eye in the box and even better this product is 100% vegan and suitable for all hair types.

Drinkwel Capsules

It took me a couple of minutes to realise that Drinkwel is a hangover aid. These capsules are intended to prepare your body from a night on the town but also to revive it after. At ยฃ32.99 for the full size bottle, I think even if these sample capsules work by magic I probably won’t be investing in the full product. Besides, I like to think my days of binge drinking are almost over.

English Laundry Signature EDP

Not really a scent I’d normally go for although nice all the same. I’ll probably be keeping this cute miniature in my handbag for use in some sort of scent related emergency.


signature 1




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