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Lush Cosmetics have been one of the biggest cosmetics companies for a long while. I was about 17 when I first started buying their products from the Watford branch before they finally opened a branch in my hometown of St Albans. Since moving to Leicester I haven’t really explored many of their products since the Leicester branch always seems sparse and awkward. The assistants buzz around like flies the second I enter the store and the products are often arranged badly. I really struggle to find new products in Lush because theres just too much choice. That being said there are a few products I repurchase time and time again.

Rose Jam £11.95
I love everything Rose scented; this shower gel reminds me of eating Turkish Delights with my grandma. I grabbed a mini one of these when stocking up on Snow Fairy and I’m sure I’m now addicted to the stuff.

The Comforter £4.75
The Comforter is one of the best value bath products Lush stock. A crumbly bar that creates tons of bubbles, this product smells like creamy blackberries and leaves your skin feeling so so soft. As one of their larger products, you can break this up into 4 or 5 pieces and use for weeks which makes the price tag more than reasonable.

Twilight £3.35
Twilight is a bath bomb that is so sensual and relaxing that I often find myself almost falling asleep in the bath. Perfect for Autumn/Winter bed time baths, the sweet and malty scent gets you ready for good dreams.

Ultrabland £11.50
I’ve been using this consistently throughout the last three years and it’s a go to product when my skin breaks out. Using nothing but this cleanser brings your skin back into a natural, healthy balance. Although a little impractical in consistency, the waxy feel nourishes and cleanses thoroughly.

Cupcake £6.50
Ahh, cupcake, the face mask I always claim when returning 5 black Lush cartons. It’s always a gorgeous little treat to myself, even if it does make me crave chocolate.

Snow Fairy £11.95
Snow Fairy Shower Gel; the first Lush Christmas product I ever raved about and ever will. Such a gorgeous candy sweet scent that you just want to eat it. I can’t get enough and I have to stock up in the January sales.

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