Birchbox #2 | December 2014

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Well this has to be my favourite Birchbox to date! The Sophia Webster design is just gorgeous and I’ll definitely be using the empty box as a desk organiser. As for the contents; I’m just as impressed. This little gem (pun intended) contains some samples I’ve been wanting to try, especially Benefit’s High Beam, so I was excited when it arrived.

Models Own Velvet Goth in Amethyst 

I’ve never tried Models Own polishes before, they seem to fall as a mid range product between the likes of Barry M and Essie. At ยฃ5, I probably wouldn’t bother purchasing this specific polish as I don’t have the best time removing glitter polishes but that being said, it wasn’t actually too difficult to remove and the colour suits well for Christmas time.

Benefit High Beam

I have such a love/hate relationship with Benefit. Their ‘They’re Real’ mascara is wonderful and I consider the eyeliner from the same range to be terrible. I’ve had awful foundation from there and also gorgeous perfumes, so you can understand why I definitely need a sample size before forking out on any Benefit product. At ยฃ19.50 a pop, I’ve been umming and ahhing about High Beam for a while; it is pretty expensive for a highlighter. Not only that but I was really put off by ELF’s liquid highlighter because that was sticky and nasty. But High Beam is just a fantastic product; easy to apply, gives a gorgeous glow and I can see it becoming a staple item in my make up bag!

Eyeko Fat Stick in Smoke

I tested this out for work the other day, applying it to the outer corner of my eye and blending into a lighter grey from a Topshop palette. It did look nice that morning but by the time I was home from work I felt like it had all merged into one solid medium grey which I hate. My flatmate said it looked nice but I’m really not a fan of applying one colour all over so I think I’ll probably pass it onto her.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I’ve wanted to try a skin oil for a while but have been far too scared of ending up with greasy skin and a non-refundable item. This sample has opened me up to the wonders of skin oils and I’d definitely consider purchasing one when the time comes (I have way too many skin products to use up first.)

biOrganics Perfect Balance Shampoo

I wasn’t particularly impressed by this, but to be fair, to me; a shampoo is a shampoo. I’m happy with the Aussie one I used now and I wouldn’t consider changing it unless something incredible came along. Wish I’d received a conditioner from them as I tend to be more blown away by those.

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radience Peel

Having just tried this product minutes ago, I must admit that I didn’t really get the point of it. I was expecting a face mask type product but it was quite gritty and felt more like a face scrub. Following the instructions, I applied all over my face and removed after 4 minutes. It did smell good and make my skin feel relatively soft but with a ยฃ40 price tag, I definitely won’t be purchasing the full size.

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