New Years Resolutions

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1. I resolve to manage my time better. I want to make much more time for blogging and reading; two hobbies I used to engage in that lately I just haven’t had much time for. I’ve been  reading so much over the last few days that I’ve realised even more how much I love it so  I must set some time aside for these things rather than pushing them aside.

2. I resolve to save not spend. I’m going to Portland next summer and I need to ensure I have the money together both for flights and the holiday itself. I also want to start driving too! Even though I’m earning the most I ever have, I seem to be spending more than I ever have as well. I could easily have saved thousands more than I have in the last 6 months since I graduated and I feel so damn guilty about it.

3. I resolve to look after my body better. I eat junk food, I don’t have time to exercise and I sometimes don’t eat much at all. I don’t have the healthiest relationship with food and it tips between love and hate on a week to week basis. I need to consciously consider what I am doing to my body.

4. I resolve to pass my driving test in 2015. Although I have always lived an easy walk from work (both at my current job and the job I had for six years), I figured it about time I start driving. My other half lives  11 miles away so I’m constantly feeling guilty that he ends up driving here. Would definitely come in handy! It took me how many years to order my provisional license? Six. Six bloody years. Let’s take less than 1 to pass my driving test eh?

5. I resolve to pay off my student overdraft. Yes sorry dad, I have a student overdraft that needs eliminating before I have to start paying interest on it. I Wish it could stay as a graduate account forever but sadly I’m practically a real functioning human being so I have to start being responsible for myself, boo :(


6. I resolve to take more photographs. Looking back over 2014, I can think of several occasions where I didn’t take enough (or even any) photos. I’ll be glad if 2015 turns me into that girl who’s constantly got her camera phone out.

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