Christmas 2014

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Christmas 2014 was undoubtedly the best Christmas I can remember. I only worked for a total of 12 days in December so I had lots of time for celebrating, drinking, eating and seeing my other half. It’s the first year where I’ve felt really festive and excited for Christmas day since I was a kid.

The festivities started for me on December 19th where I worked my final pre-xmas shift before heading home for pre-drinks with my flatmate Demi and a couple of others from work. We went to our staff Christmas party at Ghost nightclub that night and fortunately didn’t have to work the next day.

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 Myself, Farhana and Kiz at the Christmas do

I then had a couple of days off which were spent between Kibworth and Leicester; reading, eating lots and preparing for Christmas. I went out for Shisha with Farhana and Gayatri from work also.

On Christmas eve, Ben kindly picked me up from Leicester and we went to his mum’s in Kibworth to spend Christmas with his family. Christmas eve was spent watching Christmas movies, drinking and napping on the sofa. The next morning we got up pretty late and opened our presents. I had so many lovely gifts from Ben and his family including the Liz Earl Skincare Kit that his mum bought me and some Drop Dead Itchy & Scratchy Tracksuit Bottoms from Ben.

By the time it rolled around to Christmas dinner time, we were all feeling a bit merry so we soaked it all up with turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, mashed potato and the worlds best roasties. We didn’t even have any room for dessert so we sat down with more booze and played the Pointless board game that I bought Ben’s mum for her birthday not long ago.

Boxing day was just as merry. Ben made us all the lovely buffet below and we all drank lots and ate lots and played silly games. It also snowed a fair bit which put us all in the festive spirit while also soaking us on our walk to someone’s house.

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The day after, Ben drove the two of us down to St Albans to see my family. I was so excited to see them and itching to leave that morning so we left a little earlier than planned which gave us time to get stuck in all the congestion on the M1, hooray! When we arrived we were plied with drinks and given tons of presents and a lovely roast dinner. My brother’s potatoes were equally as gorgeous as Sharon’s. Feeling very spoilt we then headed to the just opened Odyssey Cinema in St Albans where we watched The Imitation Game and drank wine.

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 The mental love of my life driving us down to St Albans

The next day started with a McDonalds Sausage and Pancake Meal, followed by a lunch at Harvester with all my dad’s family featuring steak and yet more wine. We also had a brief catch up with two of my friends from St Albans; Xander and Titch (also know as Alex and Alex) before the drive back up to Leicester.

I went back to work on Monday for a ten hour shift, then hit the ‘go home target’ by 4 before being back off for another three days so we can break in the new year!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas too and a wonderful new year ahead of you.

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