A Fortnight in Photos

Photo 08-01-2015 21 55 02Left to right

1 & 3 : seriously one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever used! This was the last item of the Christmas sale at Lush, Leicester and I’m so glad I grabbed it. Golden Wonder, I don’t want to wait another 11 months to see you again :(
2 : We took our Christmas tree down and actually preferred the coffee table out the way so I used a tartan poncho and some awesome ornaments to create a little candle table with a gothic theme. Alas, the goth table!
4 : Payday shopping. I was fairly sensible and only grabbed the necessities (aka repurchases) and treated myself with Christmas vouchers.
5 : Me and Farhana-banana being goofy as f*ck at work.
6 : New leather coat and mono white leather converse, yum.
7 : Tempura Prawns.
8 : Starting planning out my itinerary and flights for my trip the U.S. & Canada this summer, ahhhhh!
9 : Too lazy to go food shopping = sausages, potatoes and gravy every single night. Not complaining (very much).

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