Battle of the Finishing Sprays

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Finishing/setting spray has become something I rely on for a flawless daily complexion. If I need to wear heavier make up, I’ve always got a finishing spray to create a more natural look.


Mac: Fix + £15.50

When I first purchased Fix+ I made the silly assumption that it would cause my makeup to last longer. Being a bit of a beauty novice, I can’t blame myself but now I’m more educated I know that Fix+ has several creative uses. Spraying the product onto eyeshadows leaves them much more pigmented and blendable than before. It’s also great for getting rid of the powdery finish of matte makeup without leaving you shiny. Perfect for adapting many powder products to work better for you. – 6/10

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Face Mist £8.50

After seeing a few blogs mention this spray I figured I’d give it a go. Advertised as a setting spray, I find that the Vitamin E Face Mist is more of a quick refresh spray after applying my make up. I’m not sure it affects the longevity of my makeup at all but it’s a nice cooling spray to use- the rose scent is to die for. – 7/10

 Urban Decay: All Nighter £9.00 

While buying the Naked primer a few weeks ago, I noticed Urban Decay’s mini version of their rather expensive All Nighter Setting Spray. This is by far the number one spray with proven results on ensuring longer wear on my makeup; I cannot fault it. I just repurchased a dual pack of the larger size bottles on offer for £25 in Debenhams. 9/10

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