January Beauty Favourites

Photo 15-01-2015 17 37 51Here are the 9 products I’m loving this month.

Soap and Glory –ย Whipped Clean
This is like an in-shower moisturiser and leaves your skin super soft and vanilla/almond scented. It also makes a great shaving foam as it really softens the hairs and lathers enough so you can see where you’ve shaved.

Lush – Rub Rub Rub
This scrub is just brilliant. A decent, course body scrub which also works great on hair. My hair always feels super clean after use and my tattoos are left looking bright and fresh.

Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish
I relieved this for Christmas from my boyfriend’s mum (she has wicked taste in beauty products) and I’m really enjoying using it to remove my makeup before bed. Although it does feel a little weird rubbing cream all over your face while your makeup still in place, it certainly does the job and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean.

Clinique – Even Better Makeup
I’ve been using Superbalanced Makeup for a good 6 months and I recently admitted to the assistant in Debenhams that I didn’t like the formula on Superbalanced so she suggested this one to me instead. I’m loving it so far and the coverage is… even better (cringe).

Yankee Candle – Salted Caramel
I got a sampler and a small jar size of these over Christmas. I love filling the room with the scent of sickly sweet Salted Caramel and I’d wanted this specific candle since I bought my Snowflake Cookie one. Will definitely be buying the large one when they’re out.

Calvin Klein – Euphoria
I had a sample size of this ages ago and really struggled deciding between this and Alien when I last treated myself to a fragrance. I got this 50ml one with a huge moisturiser on a great offer in Debenhams. It’s a nice wintery, sophisticated scent and it lingers just enough.

Mitchum – 48 Hour Anti Perspirant
I’d never had though I’d be blogging about deodrant but here I am. Our office tends to fluctuate between boiling hot and freezing cold which can call for smelly pits (so glamorous), so this little gem really helps me stay fresh all day.

Soap and Glory – Heel Genius
Another not so glamorous product that does actually leave you feeling a lot more glamorous. I’ve never really bothered with any foot products but this came in an awesome Soap & Glory gift set and I’m really impressed, my tootsies feel gorgeous!

Lush – Vanilla Dee Lite
As mentioned before in my previous beauty post, my friend got me the Vanillery gift set for Christmas. This moisturiser came in it and makes my skin smell edible. Wearing this and the perfume together is just divine.

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