13 Things Tattooed Ladies are Tired of Hearing


1. Didn’t those hurt?
This is always such a difficult question to answer because some did and some didn’t. The location, size and amount of shading effects each individual piece and how much it will hurt.

2. What do they mean?
Miami/LA/NY Ink has widespread the misconception that all tattoos must befall some phenomenal meaning. Some tattoos have meanings and many do not. More importantly, asking a question about a collection makes it especially difficult to answer.

3. I have a tiny tribal tattoo on my hip, wanna see?
Although generally I do enjoy checking out other people’s art, but having a stranger lift their shirt up is always particularly awkward and uncalled for. If I was interested I might have asked.

4. You’d look better without tattoos/why ruin yourself/I don’t like them.
I didn’t ask for a disrespectful opinion on my skin any more than anyone else asks for their outfit to be insulted. I don’t know why some people find this socially acceptable but I have never found insulting someone’s appearance acceptable.

5. Your tattoos are hot.
Always an awkward backwards complement that can seem creepy from blokes and bitchy from ladies.

6. Aren’t those going to look horrible when you’re older?
I don’t see why anyone would make this their business anyway, but who the hell cares if my skin is covered in patches of colour when I’m 90 if the rest of me looks like the crypt keeper.

7. Do you have any in dirty places?
Too far. Just too damn far.

8. How much did they cost?
Is it just me who feels like this is being asked how much I earn? It just feels weird and braggy when you give a hugely varied estimate.

9. Does your boyfriend like them?
Silly question but one I’ve been asked a lot. Of course he likes them because they’re part of me and he likes me and who even cares it’s like your boyfriend liking your shoes.

10. Does your boyfriend have tattoos too?
I feel like the black drug dealer from Inbetweeners “Yes, but only because I’m a dealer, not because I’m black.” You figure it out.

11. What do your parents think?
I guess this one is just an overly-asked but relatively okay question. They never really liked tattoos but they’ve just accepted that they’re something I love.

12. What so you’re allowed them at work?
Luckily they value my brains just enough to see past my hideous exterior. We dress smart at work and I have never had any management comment on them or even look at them weirdly or anything, which shouldn’t feel like success but it does.

13. I want one like this, shall I get it?
I am not a tattoo guru or expert or spokesperson and I should not influence your decision on getting tattooed at all. If you want it for the rest of your life, get it.

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