Treats for the Organised

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Calendars, notebooks, new stationary, post it notes, bag inserts, storage boxes… am I getting you excited yet? If not, you should probably stop here.

Most people consider me to be a very organised person, not necessarily in myself and remembering little things like buying light bulbs or getting the money together for a holiday (I really need to hurry up) but more for organising the things I own and my general schedule. So here are a few things that bring out the OCD in me.

A good calendar.
I have all my events including shifts at work and dates with Ben noted down in my Diary and my Apple calendar which is synced on all my devices. I like to include when I’m going to do blog posts and track my bonus from work as well. It’s good to see where you’re going and where you’ve been all in one place.

A clean inbox.
Thank god for the app that keep my inbox nice and organised. I love Mailbox (from Dropbox) which allows you to swipe an email into the right folder, archive it, delete it or delay until a chosen time and date. Apple pretty much copied the idea in their release of Mail for iOS-whatever-the-hell-number it’s on now. Instead of sifting through promotional emails, log on to Unroll.Me which removes you from mailing lists that clog up your inbox.

List and memory books.
I have written diaries since I was very young but in recent months, having such a hectic schedule has meant I’ve been less self reflective. Between my other hobbies, job and relationships, I just haven’t been able to squeeze in writing for myself. There are a few little things that make up for it though like this Listography book and Memory book.

Storage solutions
When I was a teenager I was very, very messy. If you opened my drawers you would see everything thrown in. Clothes piled at the bottom of the wardrobe rather than on the carpet meant a clean room. Nowadays when you look anywhere, everything is in its place- apparently this is a common for a Virgo. These acrylic desk storage pieces are great for both organising and displaying make up. I also find my empty Birchboxes satisfying on the eye and perfect for keeping things tidy.

What gets your inner organised freak going?

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