Why did I buy you?

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Below are 5 products that were nothing but a let down after the initial excitement they incited.

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ eyeliner
I absolutely love the They’re Real mascara and it’s been one of my staple products for a while now, so when this was released I was really excited. As a sucker for a winged cat eye look, I was hoping this would give similar results to some of my other favourites like the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and some of the lower-end felt tip liners. Unfortunately it’s impossible to work with, has no lasting power and was terribly overpriced at ยฃ17.50

Barry M glitter polishes
These stubborn little things are the worst. I’m always so tempted by a pretty glitter polish but these are just badly formulated and infamously hard to remove.

Mac single eyeshadows
Mac makeup is great I will admit. I still love their Pro Longwear range, lipsticks and powder but there’s a couple of brands that I much prefer. Last year I picked up a couple of their eyeshadows in gorgeous colours but I was less that impressed with their pigmentation. I feel like Mac Fix+ was made as an aid for this terrible formula which needs layering on.

Naked Herbal Essences dry shampoo
The first dry shampoo I’ve tried since being 100% loyal to Bastiste for years. I’m sorry I ever strayed- this stuff made my hair feel weighed down with product, made my roots like even greasier and didn’t have any benefit except the sweet, fruity scent that it leaves on your hair.

Body Shop Argan oil
Described as an oil for both body and hair, I was expecting wonders from the little bottle of disappointment. As a hair product this can’t be used after washing because it leaves the hair looking stiff and greasy. I’ve tried adding this to my shower routine but saw no benefit. I’ve also tried moisturising with this but it just makes everything around me stick to my skin and I end up looking like a lint filter for the rest of the day.

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  1. I was also disappointed with the Benefit Push up Liner! It was a mess to apply and went on cake like. Ugh the search for the perfect liner continues.


    1. I think a lot of people were tbh! It’s just not easy to work with and in the cold weather, gel eyeliners are always a no-no anyway cos they go sort of clumpy.


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