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(Lip shimmer and lip stain not pictured since they’ve ended up on my desk at work with the 200 other lipsticks that now live there)

Last Friday was both payday as well as a special offer day at the Body Shop. I received a text on Thursday telling me that I’d get 30% off and a free gift worth ยฃ21 using my LoveYourBody card online or in store. Knowing I didn’t start work until 11am, I decided I would head into The Highcross branch in Leicester to take advantage of the offer.

Here’s what I picked up…

Cocoa Butter/Strawberry : Beautifying Oil
Having not gotten on with the Argan Oil, I found this Cocoa Butter one much more appealing as it’s pour top makes it great for moisturising, bathing and massaging. The Strawberry oil just happened to be part of the free gift I received.

Smoky Poppy : Eau De Toilette
I’d seen a couple of blog posts about the release of this limited edition range for Valentines day therefore decided it was definitely worth a try; especially since I’d seen it described as being a similar scent to Calvin Klein’s Euphoria (at a third of the price.) I don’t think it smells much at all like Euphoria as it’s a much more masculine scent but I do really like it all the same.

Smoky Poppy : Bath Bombs
This was my first time having a bath using all Body Shop rather than Lush products. This bomb left the water creamy and moisturising but it left lots of little black poppy seeds floating about sticking to my hair!

Honey Bath Melt
I used this alongside the bath bomb to create lots of big fluffy bubbles. The scent was gorgeous and it was a great bubble bath- but why the pot packaging? It should be packaged in a bottle with a squeezy top.

Lip and Cheek Stain
The other half of my free gift (as well as a baby pink shower puff) was this lip and cheek stain. I just so happened to get a very similar one from Stainac in this months BirchBox which came the same day. I’d not tried a lip stain prior to these two but I definitely prefer the Body Shop one. For cheeks I feel these are a no-go for foundation wearers, but as a lip stain they are perfect for a subtle rosy lip.

Honey Shimmer Lip Balm
My line manager (Neha) said this made my lips look very kissable and we both agreed the packaging on it was adorable, but the formula itself is a tad sticky. It’s alright for wearing with a dark eye on a solemn working Saturday.

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