A is for Adventure

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On Thursday 9th July 2015, I shall be flying out to Vancouver, Canada where I will meet my friend January Wellington who I’ve been speaking to on social media/talking to on Whatsapp for the last 6 or so years. We’ve met a couple of times here in the UK (both Birmingham and Nottingham last year.) We’ll be spending a few days in Vancouver before getting a train down to another place called Vancouver- a small town in Washington state, right on the border, about a 15 minute drive from Portland, Oregon.

After spending some time there with January, I’ll be flying across to the East Coast where I’ll be meeting my parents in Toronto. We have plans to go to both Niagra Falls and to do a walk round the CN Tower in Toronto, which is the tallest building in North America (although it was the tallest in the world until 2007.) You can see an awesome example of what we’ll be doing here on Youtube.

This will be first time flying/travelling out of the UK on my own, and my first time outside of Europe without my parents- for the most part. I’m starting to worry about whether I’m organised enough to plan this trip and get the money together in time but feeling pretty damn positive and excited that I’m finally going away again!

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