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Just when I was having a good old think about this blog and about how I’ve hit a creative wall, I opened up Bloglovin’ to this lovely little post by The Sunday Chapter. Knowing I don’t have the time or the daylight right now to work on something with lots of images or anything lengthy, I settled on writing a quick post about some of the blogs I read (I see these posted all the time and I love clicking through them.)

Hannah Gale

Having initially disliked some of her views on gender and marriage and babies and stuff, I have now decided I very much like Hannah Gale’s blog and her general outlook/honesty on a lot of things. Although technically a fashion blog, Hannah posts lots of lists, lifestyle and opinion pieces which makes her blog seem a lot like a fancy indie magazine.

The Sunday Girl

Offering regular and detailed product reviews, The Sunday Girl is constantly fuelling my desire to fill my entire room with beauty products. Her photo game is strong as hell and I very much trust the judgement of products from the blogger. Having tried several products I’ve seen there both by coincidence and on purpose, I must say she’s got good product taste.

The Bell Jar

A blog that offers a great range of posts with feminist undertones covering cruelty free beauty, books, music and lifestyle. I am so down with this blog mainly because I feel like Emily has pretty similar taste to myself, so looking out for recommendations is a breeze.

From Roses

From Roses is one of those blogs that just oozes professionalism and I guess class as well. Her photos are always bright with lots of white which I always find myself envious of. Rebecca (good name eh) writes a good combination of short and longer posts with a variety of subjects that peak my interest.

February Stationery

I must admit, I love this blog because the writer is wonderful and someone who I regard as both a friend and a brilliant creative soul. Having met Maz at university in 2011, I see her being very successful in the future and this blog is something that I admire for being so open and raw about.

Sweet Electric

With quite a lot of recent posts about improving your blog including tips on websites to use, templates and driving in traffic, Sweet Electric is a good blog to read for me right now. I’m at that point where blogging feels like a bit of a chore and like I’ll never have any readers, tips like these are something I need to start taking on board.

The Private Life of a Girl

I tend to lose interest in blogs easily. The same old titles over and over mean you need something eye catching to single yourself out and I think Sophie’s very specific image and text style/layout means I always stop scanning my feed and tuck into a blog post.

Zoe London

I find this blog a little hit and miss. There seem to be some really great posts and others that make me roll my eyes but I am more than okay with not loving every post by someone if the ones that are good are more frequent. Despite being a very big success, she seems very much real and down to earth.

Tattooed Tealady

I’ve been reading this blog since the dawn of my this blog in November 2012 (I think that’s right) and I feel like it’s a staple food in my blogging diet. This blog features lots of new products with the occasional post on other topics like books and lifestyle.


Having followed Kyleigh on Tumblr back in the day, I just feel comfortable having a good old read of her blog. Having a good beauty blog to read that also includes pugs is such a treat.

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  1. Ahhh! this has made my morning. I’m drafting posts this morning but being a bit flakey so this has given me a boost. Thank you so much! To be put alongside some of those names is an honour and also looking forward to checking out the ones I haven’t heard of! x
    Emily –


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