Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto Flamingo Candle

image by rebecca loose

I’ve seen these candles reviewed on blogs a fair few times but have never come across anywhere you can buy them until recently when I found them while browsing candles on Amazon.

I was buying some lightbulbs and hooks for my walls and needed to add more to my order to get the ‘add on items’ that I’d chosen. After browsing Yankee, Ted Baker and Beauticology candles, I settled on this lovely Lotus & Rose jar candle by Flamingo. (I got the last one in stock wooo)

I’m currently working my way through the largest size Yankee Candle in Black Cherry but I wanted a pink one to match my bedroom a bit better (might relegate Yankee to the lounge) and this one is cute as hell.

The Amazon package arrived as I was leaving for work so we gave it a test run in the office (whoops health & safety) but when I got it home in the more confined space of my own bedroom, the scent was more intense and noticeable. This Lotus & Rose candle is worlds apart from my other jar candle and It looks lovely in my room. The calming scent reminds me of (a more luxury version of) the Glade Relaxing Zen candles I used to buy from Wilkos when I was a student so takes me back to a simpler time where I had only 10 hours of lectures & 13 hours of work to deal with.


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