Netflix & Chill #1

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image by rebecca loose

Everyone loves a good Netflix binge, and recently I’ve been noticing a few posts detailing which shows you guys have been watching so I thought I’d do my own one in the same style. Here are some of the best shows I’ve watched on Netflix over the last 2 years or so that I’ve used it.

After seeing series two advertised and thinking it looked good, I took to Netflix to binge watch the first series of this great little half hour comedy. With the three main actresses having starred in The Inbetweeners, I’d highly recommend this to fans of the 2008 Channel 4 show.

Orphan Black
Recommended to me by my good friend (Jack) Randall, this thriller follows street-wise Sarah after she witnesses a woman who looks just like her throw herself in front of a train.

American Horror Story
Although I didn’t really like series two, series one and three were fabulous. I found myself so hooked on finding out what was going to happen next that I watched the series over just a few days. I can’t wait for series 4 to be released on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
A lengthy comedy series featuring The Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg. Another one which I’m waiting on another series of, come on Netflix!

An Idiot Abroad (US Netflix)
Having loved the Ricky Gervais Show podcasts, An Idiot Abroad was something I used to watch back home at my parents because I’d record it on TiVo, but since moving to Leicester almost three and a half years ago I haven’t been watching it (never even had a tv license let alone access to Sky1.) Using the Hola Better Internet extension for Chrome, I’ve been able to catch up on this through Netflix.

Breaking Bad
I think I burned through Breaking Bad within a fortnight back at the start of my third year at uni. I got so engrossed in it that I ended up looking forward to it being over so I could get my life back. The following Peep Show quote comes to mind “I feel like I wanted to break out of the prison that Prison Break became for us.”

Peep Show
Oh Peep Show, something I can watch over and over and over. My other half and I share a very sacred love for this show and many of my friends love it too. The writers of Peep Show are nothing short of genius.

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