Back to Boots #1 | Maybelline Lash Sensational

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My Alphablogathon post for this week will have to wait until Wednesday as I’m away visiting my parents down south right now and I don’t have everything I need. Having noted in a recent post (here) that I wanted to cut back on beauty spends, I decided to try a mascara from Boots instead of my usual brands at Debenhams or John Lewis.

Is it just me who uses an older mascara as a base followed by a second coat of a newer mascara? I know there are such things as eyelash primers and whatever these days but I’d rather make use of a mascara that you’re getting a bit bored of/has seen better days. My Clinique High Impact mascara is dead and my Benefit They’re Real is starting to run low so I seized the opportunity to take a trip to Boots to find a mascara I liked for under £10.

Maybelline was the training bra of makeup for me. I wore Dream Matte Mousse for most of my teen years and the Colossul Volum was my holy grail mascara until last year. So when I came across this relatively new Lash Sensational I trusted it would be great.  Having used it on top of a base coat of They’re Real, it’s been really effective. In fact, I might even go as far as saying that using this, my lashes look as close to false lashes as they have in a very long time. I do have quite naturally long lashes anyway but this mascara makes them look really magnified. At just £7.99, this is much better value for money than forking out £19.50 for They’re Real.

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