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photos by rebecca loose

The theme on this weeks post is very much tied in to how I’ve been spending the last week… eating absolutely everything in sight! From Thursday 5th March I took a weeks paid holiday to go visit my family down in St Albans and all the way up in windy old Newcastle. It’s safe to say I must have gained a lot of weight this week, but I’ve been indulging my foodie side so it’s all for good fun. Here are 7 of the restaurants I ate at over the past 7 days…

King William IV – St Albans

8oz Ribeye Steak & Fries – This was definitely bigger than 8oz, when my plate arrived I was shocked at the size of the steak; it was by far the biggest I’ve ever had. For a pub, the food was good quality and well priced for portion size. My steak was cooked to perfection and it was washed down nicely with six large glasses of white zinfandel.

UNO’s Italian – Newcastle Antipasti followed by a salami pizza with extra chillies and cajun spice sweet potato fries – As expected in Newcastle the food was fantastic value for money, not that I was paying (hehe thanks dad.) Having had far too many glasses of wine the night before at the King William, I was desperate for a good meal to fully settle my stomach- yes my hangovers last all day now- so this really hit the spot. The antipasti consisted of cooked meats, prawn cocktail, bruchetta, mozzerella and garlic bread which was nice to get everyone warmed up for our delicious pizzas. I couldn’t even finish my meal, as usual my eyes proved bigger than my belly but it was lovely all the same and I wish I had had room for dessert having spotted a trio of desserts on the menu that included my favourite Creme Brulee and my mum’s favourite Tiramissu.

Tyneside Cinema Bar & Cafe – NewcastleCinnamon french toast with vanilla cream & poached pears – Don’t you just love going out for breakfast? There are so many good breakfast foods; waffles, pancakes, eggs, bagels and so on. French toast certainly comes up there with my absolute favourites. Having first tried it at a bed & breakfast in the states, I was itching to have it again (it’s just not the same when you make it at home.) These were very sickly and filling but also very delicious. The vanilla cream was to die for and I even enjoyed the poached pears even though I’m a total fruit-a-phobe.

Carluccios – Newcastle 

Prosciutto tortellini in a ham and cream sauce – This was the first time I’ve ever been to a Carluccios! I’ve always walked past the one in The Highcross in Leicester but my other half reckons it’s a bit rubbish so we’ve never been. I was actually pretty satisfied with my meal here although I can fully understand how the portion size would upset Ben (he eats a LOT!) I usually find pasta very very filling and never manage to finish a portion of it so I was really glad to have something that was just enough. I also tasted a little of my mum’s Gorgonzola and spinach gnocchi which was fabulous so I will definitely be returning for a plate of that!

Six, The Baltic Centre – NewcastleCorn fed chicken breast with gravy & all the trimmings followed by the sticky toffee pudding – I wasn’t expecting to be going to such a nice restaurant while in Newcastle so the things I packed (while hungover) didn’t leave me with a lot of choice to wear here. I ended up in a floral shirt with ripped jeans because I had literally no other trousers. Anyway, it was a beautiful place to sit and eat, with the view of Newcastle city surrounding us and the food was wonderful too. It was certainly one of the fanciest roast dinners I’ve ever had and my dad still reckons the sticky toffee pudding was the best he’s ever had.

The Slug & Lettuce – St Albans  

Swiss burger & sweet potato fries followed by a warm cookie with honeycomb, caramel & vanilla ice cream – Woke up late, didn’t have time for breakfast and went straight into town shopping, so by the time I met my friend Laura for lunch at the Slug I was absolutely starving so even a skanky kebab shop burger would have tasted good. But to give the Slug its due credit, that was a damn good burger. Any burger served in a brioche bun already wins points with me, but this was real good quality beef and the sweet potato fries were gorgeous.

Red Hot Buffet – Leicester

1 plate of Indian an 1 plate of Chinese/Japanese followed by mango ice cream – Another eyes vs belly situation. As always with buffets I loaded my plate up with way too much and then ate the bits that I had decided were really good. Went crazy on prawns and scallops and sushi to get the best value for money and left the restaurant feeling a tad sick. Farhana treated me to this one the little babe.

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  1. Eating out is one of my favourite things, very jealous of your week! Love Carluccios, yum! x
    Emily – thebelljarxo.blogspot.co.uk


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