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Positive mental attitude; something I’ve been seriously lacking as of late. I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps these last few weeks. There a few little things going on in my life that are stressing me out and leaving me less than enthused about getting up in the morning but I must remember that I do have a lot of things to be grateful for and positive about. Listed below are a few simple steps I’ll be taking to add more positivity to my life.

Can do attitude: I need top stop telling myself that things are ‘too difficult’, ‘impossible’ or that ‘I can’t do it’. I probably can do it if I put my mind to it and there’s no harm in trying. I need to aim higher.

Be more grateful: Instead of constantly focusing on what’s going wrong or what I haven’t got, I should be concentrating on all the good things in my life such as my family, my friends and my upcoming trip to the states.

Quit complaining: Whether it’s on twitter or in the office; I complain A LOT. Although in the past I believed it was just a release of all the negativity, complaining is only going to brew the negativity and bring me down even further.

Write more: Writing is such a huge passion of mine and I have always written journals, blogs, poetry and stories. Having just bought myself Burn After Writing (pictured above) I’ll definitely be doing a lot of self reflection over the coming weeks.

Get vitalised: Lacking energy and vitality often leaves you feeling very worn down and sad. I’m prescribing some multivitamins, more home cooked meals and a touch of exercise. I’ve never been big on working out and my time is pretty limited so I think I’ll be adding walks & pole fitness to my schedule.

Reinforce positivity: Talking up my positive thoughts and feelings will ensure they stay with me day in day out. Using my 5 year memory book, I will be making more positive notes from each day.

Sleep better: In this post I stressed how important it is to sleep right and how to do it, so taking my own advice from 6 months ago seems a good idea. Need to stop; falling asleep before getting ready for bed, getting up in the night and sleeping with my ipad and hangbag etc on Ben’s side of the bed.

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