10 Fabulous Things about Breaking Up


I’ve had a ten day break from blogging because I was busy adjusting to single life. I’m excited to be starting a fresh chapter of my life with lots to look forward to and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I’ll be catching up on my Alphablogathon posts over this week and getting a load of extra content prepared for next week too. For now, let’s look at the positives… 

  1. Having all your pillows in the middle of the bed. Nobody be stealing my covers, snoring on making the bed too hot. I can roll about in this mother lover all I like.
  2. Not having your phone in your hand constantly or having to bother looking at it before bed or in the morning. It’s nice to forget about having to text someone.
  3. Freedom to travel! Being single gives you the ability to do things like go away for a weekend or take a long holiday without consulting anyone first.
  4. Listening to all the music your ex hated and belting out Sam Smith’s Stay With Me at the top of your voice.
  5. Having all the time in the world for yourself that you need. I’ve always been a part time loner anyway but having even more time to myself to write and read and be productive is awesome.
  6. Knowing you don’t have to consider anybody else’s feelings when you make a decision about your life. There are no ropes when it comes to how you cut your hair, where you get tattoos or how many hours you work.
  7. Knowing your pay cheque is solely going to be paying for your own meals out and your own drinks rather than somebody else’s too.
  8. Becoming more yourself again. Forgetting all the stupid things your ex changed about you and starting to enjoy everything just that bit more. 
  9. Flirting. Flirting harmlessly not really with any intention but certainly without guilt. Also makes my job a lot easier (everyone buys off a flirt.)
  10. Getting over it and realising you’ve actually got a great group of friends around you, a job you can earn a good amount of money on and a flatmate/drinking buddy who’s just gone through a break up too. 

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