E is for Eyebrows

Oh eyebrows, a feature of mine I’ve always despised. These days my brows are pretty damn good but as a young teenager I was bushy browed and in my late teens I made a few faux-pas. Nowadays I couldn’t even leave the house without filling my eyebrows in, and here are the holy grail products that I couldn’t go without.

Sleek Eyebrow Kit in Dark

I’ve been using this kit for a while although I’ve only just moved on to the dark kit in line with my new darker hair colour. The cream formular is perfect for creating an arch and underlining the brow while the powder fills the rest in.

Real Techniques Brow Brush

I’ve been using this for a while now it’s perfect for filling my brows in quickly but with precision. This should be a staple in everyone’s brush collection as It comes as part of the Real Techniques Starter Kit which you can pick up on Amazon for just ยฃ15.65 (includes 5 great brushes.)

Rimmel Brow This Wayย in Dark Brown

Another great Boots find; this brow gel sets your eyebrows in place ensuring there are no stray hairs sticking up or down. This one is tinted which I found can smudge should you be inside a club or at a gig, so I’ll be repurchasing the clear one of these.

Primark Flat Head & Sharp Tweezers

I’ve got through a fair few pairs of tweezers, I tend to lose them when I travel but I’ve had these two pairs for a while now. These were just 1 or 2 pounds from Primark and they’re both perfect for getting stubborn hairs.

Real Techniques Detailer Brush

Again part of a Real Techniques kit (ยฃ16.99), the Detailer brush is great for cleaning up your brows and adding concealer or highlighter just under the brow. The precision gives you on point eyebrows every time.

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