F is for Feminism


Ahh, the F word. I did this post about it a long time ago (which has now been archived) so I thought it about time I regroup my ideas and talk about a couple of topics I didn’t cover before.

Are you a Miss or a Mrs? I’m a Ms.
I hung out with my flatmate and three of her friends last and we got talking about people’s titles and the assumptions made about the title Ms. Both my flatmate and I go by the title Ms and we do so by the whole philosophy that it is nobody’s business if we are married or single and because dividing women’s titles and not men’s seems like a crazy concept in 2015. Her friends had all thought the title Ms was used only for divorced women. I’d like to define Ms as the title used by a woman who does not want to be categorised. It is the female equivalent of Mr. Also note the next time you fill out a form with a drop down or circle option for your title whether Ms is given as an option.

We’ll be sending an engineer to you, he’ll be there for up to 30 minutes.
I’ve ocassionally noticed myself and my colleagues specifically refer to an engineer as a he or him with absolutely no bad intention but I can’t help but feel guilty calling myself a feminist when I say thoughtless things like that. I’m not losing sleep over it or anything don’t get me wrong but it is a habit that many of us need to quit.

That’s not very ladylike of you is it?
“Ladylike”? What does this even mean? I would say that some things could be described as not-ladylike such as perhaps sitting with your legs open while wearing a dress but that’s all down to biology. There should not be a specific set of behaviours associated to just one gender. If I burp in your face then it’s impolite not unladylike.

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