My Tattoos #1

Sometimes I forget that I have tattoos… like literally all over my body. I get asked about them quite a lot so I thought perhaps they might be a good topic of interest. I’ve just had a beautiful new piece done and I thought I’d share that with you first…

Geo-Mandala Flower by Aaron Beese at Park Street Tattoo, Birmingham
Recently, I dropped Beese a message with the idea for nice big mandala flower on the back of my neck. He got straight to work and drew me up this beautiful design. A couple of weeks later I sat down for over 4 hours while Aaron worked on the intricate design. The final two hours were the absolute worst pain I’ve ever had from a tattoo. Even the 8 hours on my left thigh was easier.

Childhood Care Bears by Claire Lambert at Brothers Ink, Leicester
When I was a baby I was bought a pink Care Bear toy and a couple of years later I was given a blue Care Bear toy to keep it company. I named them Beow and Bobbo- I was a nuts child who insisted that cats said Beow apparently. Anyway, I wanted to get them immortalised on my feet so the lovely Clare who had been wanting to do some feet decided to hook me uo with these. They weren’t at all painful like I expected and they’re really accurate to the original toys too.

Gypsy Butterfly designed by Aaron Beese, Tattooed by Phil at Pure Colours, St Albans
Another gorgeous design from Aaron- I am literally in love with both his designs and Phil’s colour work. Phil has been tattooing me since I was about 19 and once I’d seen his work I was way over everything else in the tattooing world. I just couldn’t get over how his colours popped. This piece was no different and is still one of my absolute favourite pieces to date.



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