H is for Happiness

What a wonderful bank holiday weekend! Despite having worked Monday through Sunday, I still managed to have the best weekend I’ve had in a while. This post was planned as “H is for Home” which I will cover off with a new title at a later date. The topic of happiness is all I want to talk about right now.

Happiness is this insane thing that we’re all just constantly chasing. Sometimes we are deluded and we fake our happiness for a while which is okay. But after some time the cracks begin to show and the people around you the most will know it more than you do if you are not happy.

I feel truly happiest when I have a full social calendar. When I know I have plans arranged for the coming weeks and when I have some vague immediate plans on the go. I feel happy right now because I feel like I have so much more freedom to do what I want with my free time. This last week I had all my blogging content queued and my calendar had a couple of vague plans. I ended up working 1/2 days on Friday and Sunday and a full shift on Saturday (10hrs) but I still managed to see a whole load of people, get drunk a lot, eat take aways, go to the fair, bar crawl etc. I also feel like the perk in the weather causes a huge mood boost in our flat as mine and Demi’s behaviour can often reflect the weather.

I have plans to

  • Go to Milton Keynes for another Re-UNI-on night out featuring (Jack) Randall and (Lizzie) Millidge- for some reason all my friends go by their surnames
  • Get tattooed by Phil on May 2nd; the next addition to my sea themed arm is finally going to get done and I’m so excited to see the little octopus Beese is gonna be drawing up for me
  • Seeing my family next month as I’ll be getting tattooed by my guy back home
  • FINALLY going to the Harry Potter Studio Tours with my flat mate (HP fanatic) which my parents bought me for my 23rd birthday in September!!
  • The whole great big USA & Canada trip which is coming up in July, can’t believe it’s only four months away, I feel like there’s a lot more to organise even though I’m basically ready minus holiday shopping

And I’ve had plenty of awesome times recently such as a recent visit from my two Alex’s from home (Xander and Titch) and the trip to Southampton.

To keep this streak of happiness all I need is to get more plans in motion. I’m feeling a European mini break and a trip to Liverpool and Sheffield. I think I now have a good enough reason to get a driving license.

I’ll tell you something else that’s making me happy right now… Spending money in a completely different way. Instead of spending my disposable income on material items like things for the flat and high end make up and perfume but instead on a few good quality necessary items and on going out and doing things. I’ll be taking this feeling on board in future when handing over money and asking myself a couple of questions like; how many hours did I work for this cash, how much enjoyment/happiness will it bring and could I buy a similar quality product cheaper.

I feel like I really have taken some baby steps into becoming this whole happier version of myself recently. 


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