The Body Shop Pore Minimiser

photo by rebecca loose

I was running low on my Urban Decay Naked BB so I figured it time I get myself a new primer. After all, bad base = bad face! Recently I’ve been getting a few spots around my chin area, most probably due to stress, so I figured dosing my skin up with some pre-foundation tea tree might help.

The pore minimiser is designed to reduce the size of pores (obviously), smooth out the skin and leave a blemish free and primed base for foundation. I’ve actually found it does give my foundation a really smooth look and makes it last all day. I find the formula to be quite similar to Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer which I previously loved. My skin has also cleared up quite a lot since I started using this product and with the ยฃ7.50 price tag, it’s much better value for money than the ยฃ23.50 Urban Decay BB I was using before.


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