I is for Insecurities


How better to battle your insecurities than by sharing them publicly and getting them out in the open. I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to these and that by writing these down I can begin to deal with them better. I have decided to fake confidence until it truly becomes real because I have fears to face in 2015 and they need to be conquered with genuine confidence.

  1. My nose. It’s broken and bent and I absolutely hate it. I’ve considered surgery but I need to just accept that a touch of contouring and acceptance is even better.
  2. Mishearing people all the time and having to say pardon repeatedly until it gets to the point where I have to pretend I heard what they said and then I just respond to the complete wrong thing like an idiot… must start telling people to speak up.
  3. Love handles. Pretty much everyone who wears above an 8 in clothes has the same issue. Must accept that nobody cares.
  4. Thighs, wobbly wobbly thighs. Man I literally despise them. But I despised them when I was a tiny size 6 so I may as well just shut up about them.
  5. I worry constantly about people judging my tattoos, not necessarily people who’ve actually had a chance to speak to me, but those who haven’t. I worry that people look at me with the assumption that I’m common or a bit of a thug. Like I actually get concerned that elderly people are afraid of me.
  6. The little white hairs on my face/around my eyebrows showing in the sunlight- ugh it didn’t look like that in my mirror at home.
  7. My ability to do things on my own. I used to be a horrifically shy person when it came to getting public transport or going somewhere new on my own but it’s something I have been dealing with slowly but surely and will prove conquered in July.



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