J is for Journalism


Once again, coming up with a topic for this week’s Alphablogathon was a challenge. The struggle is real. But there was one sort of obvious word that sprung to mind; Journalism. I studied journalism at University, gaining a 2:1 in BA Joint Honours Journalism & Creative Writing. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and is one of the reasons why I write this blog today. I’d like to take this opportunity to showcase a couple of pieces of writing to you.

Voter Apathy
It’s Election Day 2015 and you can’t bring yourself to stop at the polling station on the drive home  from work. It’s raining, you’re tired and you still haven’t quite made a decision. You feel that voting    won’t make a difference; the three main choices for government are virtually the same and you feel that the country is doomed. Unfortunately, this isn’t a fictional dystopia, this is reality; a society who don’t know who to vote for because no matter who is in parliament, they make unfathomable, irreversible changes that weren’t in their manifesto. In the 2010 general election, only 65.1% of eligible voters went to their local polling station and cast their vote making it the third smallest turnout in British voting history. The two latter were in 2001 and 2005 meaning that in the last decade, voter apathy has been very much on the rise.

Last Friday twenty-two year old Elliot Rodgers took to the streets of Isla Vista, California on a killing spree in order to ‘punish’ humanity for the ‘injustices’ he suffered. 6 people were killed and further 12 seriously injured. His first three victims were the three women he stabbed to death in his flat before taking to the streets. A mentally unstable, deeply misogynistic and inexplicably hateful young man, Rodgers posted his final video on Youtube the night before as well as writing a 140-page misogynist manifesto. His motives came from a deeply rooted hatred towards young women caused by his failure in sexual endeavors and he states in the video “You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me but I will punish you all for it.” It’s quite disturbing to watch, especially because of Rodgers calm and complacent attitude during filming. As well as international media outcry against America’s gun laws (he had a proven history of violence and mental health issues and was still able to legally purchase the three guns used) there has been a viral Twitter movement acting out against the sense of entitlement that some men perpetuate.

Why UKIP Are Not Only Xenophobic, But Essentially Idiotic
Thirty six percent? Thirty six fucking percent!? I am in utter disbelief at the state of our political economy this morning as the BBC releases information that the “turnout looks set to be about 36%” in favour of Nigel Farage’s band of morons. After a surge of negative responses to the hashtag #whyimvotingukip on Twitter in the last few days, I was beginning to feel some relief that British nationals weren’t all racist, xenophobic bigots, but I guess I was somewhat deluded. As a party fundamentally based on right-wing nationalism, I am horrified that they had even been considered as a serious option for some Brits. But I guess that with The Sun and The Daily Mail spouting xenophobic propaganda left, right and centre, it’s not all that surprising that some people have fallen into the trap. 

But I’m a Cheerleader – A Feminist Flick
Megan is an all American Christian girl with a steady boyfriend and good grades but her family are convinced she’s gay. After finding some rather flimsy evidence of this, Megan’s friends and family intervene in her life and she is immersed into a world of strict institutionalised femininity. The program consists of five steps to normality which include admitting your sexuality and finding its ‘root’ cause as well as a final ‘simulated sexual lifestyle’ which involves the girls and boys rubbing up against each other in skin coloured morph suits featuring Adam & Eve style leaf trimmings. As well as being comical and satirical, the film is somewhat progressive for its time. It makes a clear statement that homosexuality is not a lifestyle or a choice but simply how humans are- a state of being. It is outright ridiculing the camps like these that really do exist in America, showing how truly ridiculous their theories are. It shows women in a realistic light; as multifaceted human beings rather than housewives, mothers and objects of sexual desire, and it does the same for gay people.




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