Green Party Policies That May Sway Your Vote

In a democratic society that is becoming less and less democratic, it is harder than ever to vote with the idea that it might actually make a single god damn difference. Having settled with ease on voting for the Green Party, I would like to share with you the reasons why and hopefully sway at least one person into using their vote to make a positive change. The Green Party may sound like a bunch of eco-loving hippies (which is awesome in my eyes) but most of their policies stand nicely to the left and very much favour my views.

Some Labour voters are swapping votes online with Green Party supporters in order to ensure that their local seat doesn’t go to the Tories or UKIP. This website allows you to pledge to swap with someone of the other party in order to ensure your vote is used in the most positive way. I think it’s a great idea in order to avoid a right wing government

Democratic Reform
Sections PA300 – PA304 of the Public Administration Policy

“Elections for all levels of government should be by systems of election that provide for high proportionality, few wasted votes and good accountability, so that the political aspirations and views of each area are represented. The right to vote and stand in elections will be based on residence rather than nationality. The voting age for all elections, and the age at which people may take seats at any level of Government, would be reduced to 16. The Green Party supports Electoral Reform in all levels of Government, with different systems being appropriate for different levels of Government. Of the various electoral systems available, we would consider the Single Transferrable Vote and Additional Member Systems to be entirely acceptable, whilst First-Past- The- Post or Supplementary Vote Systems are not The most appropriate system for elections to the Westminster Parliament is the Additional Member System (AMS). Electors would vote on two ballots: one for the party of their first choice and the other for their constituency MP. MPs would be elected from constituencies as at present, but each party’s representation would be topped up on a regional basis by additional members to bring its number of seats up to its proportion of votes polled, provided that proportion was above a minimum qualifying level of 3% of votes polled. There would be a requirement that each party’s list has to be elected by a system of ‘one member one vote’ of the party’s membership.”

Taxing the Super-Wealthy
2014 Proposal on Taxing the Top 1%

“Those who have the most pay the least back to society. Levels of inequality in Britain today have reached epic levels. Food banks coexist with Ferraris. A resources boom at the top feeds a cost of living crisis at the bottom. In May 2014 analysis by Office for National Statistics data by The Equality Trust revealed that the richest 1% of British households have the same amount of wealth as 54% of the population. In the same month the Sunday Times reported thatt the 1,000 richest people in the country had doubled their wealth in 5 years. The UK is the 7th richest country in the world but that wealth is unfairly divided among its population. Among the 32 members of the OECD only 6 countries are more unequal than the UK. Only Portugal, Israel, the United States, Turkey, Mexico and Chile fare worse than we do. The bottom 20% of the British population – over 12 million people – are poorer than their counterparts in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Finland –taking 7th place. Yet Britain’s richest 20% come 3rd behind only Germany and France.”

Legalise It
Section DU405 of the Drug Use Policy

“Cannabis would be removed from the 1971 Misuse of drugs act. The possession, trade and cultivation of cannabis would be immediately decriminalised, roughly following the Dutch model. The trade in Cannabis would be the subject of a Royal Commission (see below), with a view to establishing a fully legalised, controlled and regulated trade. Small-scale possession of drugs for personal use would be decriminalised. The starting point would be advice to policing authorities to caution rather than prosecute for offences of drug possession for personal use and to refer offenders to the health-care services (see DU411). Subsequently, regulations would be brought forward removing criminal sanctions for simple possession of controlled drugs for personal use. The recommended sentences for small-scale supply would be non-custodial options. The possession of pipes made for the use in connection with smoking of opium would no longer be a criminal offence. A Royal Commission or similar body would be established to review currently controlled drug classifications, within a legalised environment of drug use. This commission would, after wide consultation, consider and recommend frameworks of social, economic and health conditions for drug use and supply.”

A Fairer Wage
Green – News

The Green Party has called for the statutory minimum wage to be immediately lifted to Living Wage levels and for a £10 per hour minimum wage for all by 2020. The Green Party, the only party committed to delivering real change for the common good, believes every worker over 16 should be paid at least the minimum wage and would abolish the age-based differential rates currently in place. Raising the minimum wage to living wage levels would benefit an estimated 5.2million people (1) – 17% of the working population – and usher in a fairer society where fewer workers are trapped in poverty pay conditions.

Other policies include; 

  • Keeping the NHS public
  • Stopping off shore tax evasion
  • Trade union rights
  • Womens’ rights
  • LGBTQ right

You can read the Green Party’s full manifesto here, their ‘mini manifesto’ here and more on their policies here



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