K is for Knowledge

One aspect of my personality which I find both rewarding and fulfilling is my absolute thirst for knowledge. Despite not having enjoyed 18 years of institutional education (having graduated aged 22,) I have always been the sort of person who just loves to learn. At every job I’ve had I’ve managed to learn everything quickly and have a constant curiosity to find out more.

My flatmate and I spend a lot of time finding gaps in our knowledge and finding out the information needed to fill them. I try to read books from a variety of genres, both fiction and non, and often I read articles about something new in order to open my mind a bit. But there are a few topics that I know so little about that I really do feel like a bit of an idiot considering that some of them are pretty damn interesting.


I don’t think I really listened in History back at school apart from to the really gory bits and that’s probably down the fact that it was more about WHEN things happened than what actually happened. I recall having to remember dates of everything and it took the fun out of the topic. I need to find some interesting history books and documentaries about different eras. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

Middle Eastern Politics

I feel like I am way more wrapped up in local/national news than what’s going on in the rest of the world. It’s important to know about what’s happening elsewhere because it does relate back to the entire world’s political environment. Will definitely be reading the international news in the morning.


There have been points in my life where I have got really into film and have gone to the cinema a lot. It’s quite easy to get into the cycle of watching movies when you’re seeing them advertised. I don’t currently have live tv in my flat (smart tv broke a while ago) so I rely on services like Netflix and iPlayer to watch things, this often means I don’t see films advertised therefore struggle to find what’s out there. Will most likely go to the nice new Odyssey Cinema in St Albans over the weekend.


I remember having this one really cool book when I was younger which featured everything you could possibly find interesting about the universe and chemicals and the human body and it was just the most fascinating thing ever. Is there an adults version of this out there or am I going to have to attempt to read something daunting and complex like the complete works of Stephen Hawking? I find science fascinating yet I still feel like I know absolutely nothing about it!



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