Selfish Saturday

I am thinking very much about myself and where my life is going this week, thus a blog post about direction and change and me me me is overdue.

This Saturday afternoon, I am sitting in my parents back room with a glass of mango juice and a big smile on my face. Yesterday I checked out my Timehop and saw it had been exactly one year since I handed in my dissertation. I had sworn to work in my current job for a year after I graduated to see if I could progress and if I didn’t, the plan was to make the jump into marketing elsewhere. Realising a year had passed; I thought back over the last 12 months and how I’ve loved living with Demi and working for TalkTalk and earning loads of money and having fun visiting my friends from uni and planning my holiday.

I also thought about the wonderful person I’ve met recently and how they have made me more positive, confident and like my real self again. Ive noticed myself behaving more and more like my former/young self recently. I’ve been so much more upbeat and at some points hyperactive. I feel like a completely different person than just two months ago.

While at work yesterday I was approached by our campaign manager and asked if I’d like a pay rise. The catch being that what he’s really asking is if I’d like a new job. I don’t want to blab on at all about what it is and what company I’ll be representing but it’s a combination of something I know and something completely new combined and it absolutely terrifies me yet it seems like a very exciting prospect that is more marketing based than what I do now. More than anything, I feel like the cut back on hours from 55-60 to just 40 would make my life a whole lot better and would give me time to do all the things I want to do like starting a book club and going to pole fitness classes.

With all the positivity I’m feeling right now, I know I would be really successful in this new role and I feel pretty confident that I can progress my career on this path. I spoke to my dad regarding the position and I spoke to him about my line manager/team leader/mum/friend/agony aunt Neha and how she taught me absolutely everything I know about sales and trained me to get to this point where I can sell to every single customer with my eyes closed. She has been a fantastic mentor and I would feel incredibly sad to lose her guidance and friendship. I literally ended up tearing up and I feel like I should do something all the help she has given me (suggestions please!)

Demi an I are planning to find a new apartment that doesn’t feel haunted by the ghost of boyfriends past and a crazy cat lady neighbour who complains about talking on the balcony at 4pm at the weekend. We’re thinking of going part furnished and buying some more of our own stuff and that is just another fabulous prospect for 2015 on top of the job, the holiday and the sexy man.

Peace out.

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