A Letter To My Manager


Back in June last year when I started working for TalkTalk, I was apprehensive and nervous and genuinely believed I would never get good at this job. Here I am very nearly a whole year down the line and I am so glad you pulled me aside and trained me up to be where I am today rather than letting me fall on my arse. 

You saw enough potential in me to stick through my weeks of rubbish calls and practically taught me how to sell sand to the Arabs (so I have been told by several customers). You talked me through exactly what to say on my calls, how to close my sales and how to handle the objections that you can very rarely overcome. Not only did you put up with me ranting and rambling to myself but you also made my work environment one hundred times more enjoyable. 

I would like to thank you for all the times you put up with my strops, let me take time to calm down and did me favours here and there. You have been a fantanstic mentor and manager over this last year and you have also been a great friend. I feel like I can be open wtih you about personal and sensitive issues and you will always be there with trust and without judgement. I have had a very love/hate relationship with this job and if it wasn’t for you being there, I would have given up completely or gone 100% mad.

I also feel like having a strong female role in the workplace has had a positive influence on not only myself but most of the other staff in our office. Being headstrong and hardworking enough to manage and deal with the variety of personalities within that room must be exhausting and the fact that you do it six days a week with a smile on your face is beyond me. I can only ever hope to have your patience one day.  

I almost cried thinking about leaving you when I was considering this job offer because I feel like I’ll be walking away from such a great group of staff, but then I thought about how you’d only be down one flight of stairs and that you’d most likely be very proud to see me suceed in a new and exciting campaign. So thank you for everything you have done and for not giving up on me. 



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