M is for Meritocracy

Does anyone else want to slap his silly, smug face as much as I do?

I feel like we’re in the wake of the general election now; many of us are mourning over the austerity and loss of public health care to come. One thing Cameron really stresses is the idea of Meritocracy. A self explanatory term really but if you’re still unsure; Meritocracy is the belief that success and power come by being hardworking and intelligent and essentially suggests that lower classes are lazy and thick. Although in some cases it is true, there are many millions of working class people who have worked hard their entire life (hence the phrase working class.)

Like most conservative ideologies- meritocracy pushes the idea that essentially, human beings slot into nice neat categories. Rather than assessing the individual, meritocracy assumes that wealth is a direct result of hard work and that hard work will always result in wealth. Although applicable in cases, it just doesn’t stand as a legitimate theory. Like the rest of Cameron’s ideas. I feel like it’s a very closed minded way of thinking and that if you genuinely believe that you can be born into any family at random and work your way up to being a politician or banker then you are probably quite deluded.

What are your thoughts on meritocracy and the conservative government?

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