L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil 

photo by rebecca loose
I’ve been using Herbal Essences for a long while now and to relieve the product build up and product boredom too; I thought I’d try out a new range. Currently on a 3-for-2 offer in Boots, The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil range claims to tame, smooth and nourish the hair from scalp to end.

After a few uses of Extraordinary Oil I’m starting to really love how it leaves my hair feeling. It leaves it unbelievably soft especially if I use all three products together. The oil is very lightweight and non-greasy and works on both wet or dry hair for both nourishment and heat protection. It leaves no residue on your hands at all, I actually find it leaving my fingertips very soft! The scent is very floral and feminine as well as long lasting (48 hours easily.)

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who may have damaged their hair with heat or chemicals or if your hair is generally looking dry or dull, it really does seem to be giving my hair a whole lot more body especially combined with L’Oreal’s Professional Hair Mask.


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