Fragrance Wardrobe Spring/Summer 2015

With two brand new, excellent value fragrances, my spring scent wardrobe is really fitting to the bi-polar weather we’ve been having.

Satsuma/Clementine Eau De Toilette – The Body Shop

Strangely enough this scent really reminds me of the orange blossom Shake’n’vac and although I don’t generally like to smell of cleaning products, I think it’s the perfect fragrance for the transition from Spring to Summer. At £8.50 it’s great value for money too.

Euphoria – Calvin Klein
A relatively old fragrance that I’ve been wearing on and off over Winter but can’t help but still splash on for those days where it’s a little cooler and I’m feeling sophisticated.

River Island Paris

I rarely shop in River Island but I find it’s one of those places you find absolute gems like my leather coat and my gold pineapple necklace which I style-stole from the barmaid at Orange Tree. I was in there to pick up said necklace when I noticed their fragrance stand and picked out this light, feminine and floral scent for just £10!

Ring My Bella – Benefit

Having bought the set of 4 miniature fragrances from Benefit, I tend to dabble in and out of them depending on season and style. This ones coming back around for me and down to it’s beautiful lasting power will most likely be repurchased in full size soon.


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