N is for Nutrition

I thought it about time I started treating my body better. I have always had a bad relationship with food and I have been both underweight and overweight at times in my life. Around 2 years ago I was at my heaviest weighing around 10 stone (or 140lbs.) I spent the Summer that year losing almost three stone and getting down from a size 12-14 to a 6-8. Since then I have gradually gained weight again, getting into worse and worse eating habits and getting myself back to the 9 stone mark. One of the reasons I always end up gradually gaining weight is  because I eat such unhealthy food. I have never liked vegetables or fruit and I’m very lazy when it comes to both cooking and shopping.

In order to make a big change, I’m going to be making step-by-step changes to my lifestyle and eating habits. My aim this week is to eat foods which are going to benefit me nutritionally rather than eating and drinking empty calories. Now I won’t be eating loads of super fruits and heavy greens, as I said before I don’t like fruit or vegetables at all so I’m very limited on what I can put up with. I’ve written up this little eating plan for the first week which starts tomorrow after today’s detox day. I’ve shared a snippet of it with you below…


Breakfast: Natural yoghurt with honey & goji berries, one serving of fresh pinaeapple, green tea

Lunch: Spinach & pine nut pasta salad, 2 biscoff, cranberry juice

Dinner: (1/2) Magherita pizza,  1 banana, lemon mousse

1,137 calories


Breakfast: Porridge with golden syrup, green tea

Lunch: Moroccon couscous with chickpeas, 1 banana, 2 biscoff, cranberry juice

Dinner: Spicy sausage cappelletti with pesto, fresh mango, chocolate raisins

1,231 calories


Breakfast: Tinned peaches, natural yoghurt with honey, 1 banana, green tea

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta with tomato and mozerella, fresh pineapple, 2 biscoff, cranberry juice

Dinner: Southern fried chicken, sweet potato fries, coconut and chocolate mousse

1,143 calories


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