O is for Off Sick

Let’s face it, there are some days where all you want is to be sick just so you don’t have to go in, and there are others where despite your best efforts, there is no way you’re going to make it to the office. Rather than sitting around all day feeling sorry for yourself why don’t you…

Organise all your Spotify playlists into folders and while you’re at it, make a whole load of new playlists. You might even get a chance to dance around some Iggy between trips to the loo.

NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX. There’s nothing more satisfying when you’re bedbound than burning through a whole series of something. If you can’t achieve anything else for the day then settle for a binge watch.

Re-read a book you love. My favourite book to read when I’m not feeling my best is Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident, you can burn through it in just a few hours and it’s comforting to read something that you’ve re-read a hundred times.

Write your dream manifesto (or at least attempt to.) This is something I work on when I have time to myself and something I’ve always wanted to share on my blog once complete. I also think it’s whole load of fun to invent your own political party and get yourself thinking about what you would do with power.

Pamper yourself. Do your nails, your toenails, your eyebrows, anything to distract you from how truly disgusting you feel!

Do some online shopping- whether it’s some eBay bargain hunting or a full on splurge, you can still enjoy some retail therapy from the comfort of your bed. I love ordering polariod style photo prints from Polagram to cheer myself up.

Obviously depending on how/why you’re ill, get some blogging done! If you’re exclusively a blog reader then catch up reading all you’re favourites and leave plenty of comments. If you run your own blog then write out several posts ready for the weeks that you’re just too busy!

This one can be done from the comfort of the bog (NICE!) Clean your make up brushes! We all know we’re meant to do it all the time but we never do- I think I went months at a time before in uni. Give them a good shampoo and cleanse with a brush cleanser before laying out to dry near the window.

Write a big long diary entry about how you’ve been feeling lately and just reflect on your life and work and relationships. Just let it all out!




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