Netflix & Chill #2

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image by rebecca loose

The Netflix addiction has continued all through the month of May especially since my new job has much shorter working hours and has allowed me so much binging time.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

Did anyone else watch this because it was so heavily advertised that you just got pissed off and gave in? In all due credit it was a pretty decent watch and gave me a few giggles.

Grace & Frankie

I watched this when I was sick off work a couple of weeks ago. It’s not my usual cup of tea but if you have time to waste, it’s better than watching paint dry.


I still haven’t got through both series because sitting down for each episode is like committing to a feature length film! That being said; this show is clever and well written and interesting and Benedict Cumberbatch is just the most suave motherlover.

The Office (US)ย 

I’m so saddened by how long I put off watching this! I loved the UK series and watching the first one of this was painful to sit through because it was just too similar. From season two onwards, the Office’s US counterpart develops into a very seperate and beautiful thing.


Having watched Seasons 1-4 live on tv (religeously in fact), I finally came back to the seventh series after my friend told me about it at the weekend. I had previously stopped watching after the first episode of Skins Fire and the return to it was a good idea because it really is… life ruiningly good.


I’d forgotten about this series since I’d first watched it on Channel 4 years ago until it recently resurfaced on Netflix! It’s both hilarious and brilliantly cast, easily binge watched.

ABC’s of Death 1 & 2

I watched the first of these back in uni with a group of friends and we spent half the time like…wtf. But having watched them both recently I have realised that these films are so terrible and so brilliant that they’re just terribly brilliant.

V/H/S 1, 2 & Viral

Another good and bad horror, this time in the form of a trilogy (of sorts.) Some parts are brilliant and othes are just plain weird and stupid but all in all I think these are seriously good watches.

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