P is for Portland 

Only just over a month until I fly out to Canada for my first holiday alone! Plans for the trip are quite loose, I’ve not really set a huge deal of stuff in stone and the idea is to just kind of go with the flow. That being said there are a couple of bits which I don’t want to miss out on while I’m there including a tattoo appointment my long-term internet friend January booked for me with Eric Quale at Grizzly Tattoo. We’re going to be getting our 2nd lot of matching ones and again they’re going to be Simpsons themed!

Voodoo Doughnuts   
 Grizzly Tattoo IMG_2665

Japanese Gardens 
Saturday Market
Multnomah Falls 

Powells Books

The Pacific Coastline of Oregon   signature-1

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  1. Wow! The coast line looks amazing, as do those donuts – so jealous. Can’t wait to read your posts on it when you get back! Have the best time x


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