Micellar Wars

Months after my initial excitement for this new style of makeup remover, I’ve found myself branching out to try a couple of other brands. In rather early conclusion; don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’m not sure why I wasted money testing out the other ones because Garnier’s wins hands down but I guess it’s vaguely worthwhile in blogging terms.

Loreal Micellar Gel 

To be fair, this one is almost as good as the Garnier one but something about the gel formula just puts me off. Even though it removes makeup gently and efficiently, it seems to leave a layer of product on your skin resulting in the need for a quick wash- kind of defeats the object don’t you think? Also, for a ‘fragrance free’ product, it’s relatively fragrant.

B.Pure Micellar Water 

I picked this one up because a) it was on introductory offer and b) it’s a cruelty free product. Unlike the gel, the water formula leaves skin soft and perfectly clean. If it wasn’t for the burning sensation it caused when I removed my mascara, I would highly recommend this product. That being said, I do hope it’s down to an allergy so that those who buy cruelty free only can enjoy a micellar product.

Garnier Micellar Water

Winner winner chicken dinner- this one does exactlly what it says on the packaging. It removes all your makeup in one quick sweep, is completely suitable for any skin type and sensitivity and leaves your skin baby soft before bed. 10/10.

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