Friday Five #2: Five Positive Changes I’ve Made Recently 

photo by rebecca loose
  1. Left the job that’s made me miserable for the past year and found myself something which will make me much happier.
  2. Stopped eating meat again except for fish. I’d rather be a vegetarian than a pescetarian but it’s much more sustainable and makes eating at restaurants possible for someone like me who’s a total veggie-phobe.
  3. Almost completely stopped negative thought processes.
  4. Stopped wearing make-up. I still do my eyebrows and wear a single coat of mascara but my boyfriend has boosted my confidence about my skin so much that I’ve managed to bare it for over a month.
  5. Found a man that makes me feel good about myself and that I can be 100% myself around. No masks, no pretending.

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  1. I’m to cutting down on meat but stuggling to go completely vegetarian because I don’t like vegetables either! eating out is definitely the biggest challenge for me.
    Congratulations on the better job and lovely sounding boyfriend :) x


    1. Maybe pescetarian would be easier for you too? If you like prawns then you’re basically sorted in any restaurant! I want to go cruelty free on beauty too and your post definitely inspired that more in that I need to just buy cruelty free and use up any old products as I would normally. Xx


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