S is for St Albans 

St Albans being my hometown is always lovely to visit. Being near London means there’s always something to do but the city is beautiful in itself and there’s a few sites which are well worth seeing.

St Albans Abbey

 Matt couldn’t help but comment on how commercialised the cathedral is with it’s gift shop and museum like exhibits but the architecture and grand stature of it is very impressive all the same.

St Albans Market

   With a few stalls offering some originality and others selling the basics like fresh fruit & veg or knock off watches, St Albans is known as a historic market town. We visited on a Wenesday (also open on a Saturday) and got some lovely street food from a portable wood fire oven. It was relatively expensive for a market but absolutely delicious.

Vintry Gardens & Orchards 

 The Vintry Gardens overlook the side of the cathedral and are the perfect spot for reading in the sun in the afternoon whereas the much larger orchards are usually packed with people but offer a much more beautiful view of the cathedral in all its glory.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

According to The Guiness Book of World Records, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks is officially the oldest pub in Britain although many claim there is little evidence and that many other pubs have more secure claims on the title. Despite this it hosts a lovely little beer garden and a beautiful atmosphere.

The Waffle House

 One of my alll time favourite places to go for food in St Albans! This independent restaurant may have been named the same as the big US franchise but it’s quite different and does a lovely selection of both sweet and savoury meals.

Dunkin Donuts

 Maybe not worth mentioning for some but if you’re a coffee and/or donut lover then you’ll apreciate the rare sight of a Dunkin Doughnuts branch in the UK. With around 40 different donuts to choose from and some savoury treats too, we’ve found ourselves there a few times already. 

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